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AVAIR SL aesthetic bracket
Simple, fast “Click” in archwire seating • Low friction slot design - lowest friction design availa..
1,200.00 lei
Fara taxe: 967.74 lei
Brackets Sapphire Series
Sapphire series Preadjusted brackets CAD design with torque built in base for accurate sl..
150.00 lei
Fara taxe: 120.97 lei
D'art ceramic
True polycrystalline brackets available in Roth prescription     •    ..
450.00 lei
Fara taxe: 362.90 lei
Hi-Style SL Ceramic
Self-Ligating Ceramic Bracket Roth .022 U/L 5x5 3w/h EASY CLICK LOW FRICTION LOW PROFILE..
900.00 lei 630.00 lei
Fara taxe: 508.07 lei
Lingual bracket
Hooks of one-piece construction for all teeth to enble good legation and less emergencies due to ..
800.00 lei
Fara taxe: 645.16 lei
Monocrystalline Ceramic Bracket
Clear translucent appearance, allow the natural color of teeth show through. ..
900.00 lei
Fara taxe: 725.81 lei
Self-Legating Roth Bracket
No ligation, easier wire replacement. Low friction , faster teeth movement. Light force, more ..
600.00 lei
Fara taxe: 483.87 lei
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