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Ata dentara
Gently glides floss or tape under bridges and brackets. Curved edges are smooth for less irritatio..
3.00 lei
Fara taxe: 2.42 lei
Ceara dentara
Soft, white wax can be softened between fingers and applied to wires, brackets and tubes to reliev..
3.00 lei
Fara taxe: 2.42 lei
Ceara siliconata
Apply and remove silicone repeatedly. It will not lose its shape or consistency. Silicone stays pl..
3.00 lei
Fara taxe: 2.42 lei
Cutie Retainer
4.00 lei
Fara taxe: 3.23 lei
Orthodontic hygiene kit
A economical alternative to the Orthodontic Hygiene Kit. Clear zippered bag has a pocket for an app..
35.00 lei
Fara taxe: 28.23 lei
Orthodontic hygiene kit economic
25.00 lei
Fara taxe: 20.16 lei
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